dr dog – easy beat

i wondered a bit whether the name of this album was designed to give it away. and you start listening, thinking they’re definitely aiming for a clearly identifiable sound. i’m beginning to think that the australian bands in my frequent references to music sounding of another era genuinely do a much better job than anyone else; that is if, as a band, you feel it’s necessary to recreate something that pretty much reached its pinnacle 40 years ago, and made more sense then.

without having heard a lot of the arctic monkeys, knowingly, what i do know of has a kind of vague, washed-out parallel here. listen to a song like oh no, and it’s not a totally crazy idea. though for a moment or two, i thought i also heard some early pavement?

i have always found myself wanting more bass, more rock, or something substantive from this band. in hindsight, i’m not sure what drew me to buy this album. i get why i haven’t revisited it for eight years, and probably won’t for another eight. it’s not offensive. in fact, it’s inoffensive. you can read that as a mediocre experience for a seriously rainy night (it’s just not stopping).

i know this will. though fools life felt like it never would, and it was only 2.26 minutes long. let’s just say this video is remarkably apt for a number of reasons…


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