dave graney & the lurid yellow mist – supermodified

a song from the howard years of divisiveness, queue jumpers, spooks, backwardness, separation and demonisation

this was said by dave graney about one of the songs on this album, i’m seein demons. the strangeness of songs such as he made was that they contained barbs everywhere, but set to vaguely rocking lounge music. tonight, it’s a great form of escapism from quite a desperate reality (socially, not personally, people). uprising is swelling.

the sounds still feel of a time when hearing dave’s husky, slightly overacted voice made adelaide the place to be. i mean, they’d long since been melbourne-based as a band (in its various incarnations), but when i was in my teens, the combination of performance and parochialism only made me think of the beaches, the city and the wide open rural roads. it’s the kind of music that expands your mind without being able to identify exactly how; and equally identifies specific times and places without stating them.

it’s an artefact really that this album is a rework of songs mostly contained on two earlier albums from 2001 and 2003 – i don’t know those albums, so this stands alone as a piece of work for me. i’m happy to leave it that way. i can’t say anything about the individual songs, because that task would be too lengthy and difficult (there are eighteen, for a start). the characterisation of lounge as a genre above makes it somewhat fluid and homogenous as a collection, and it’s certainly not possible to even pick a stand-out song. but they are all definitively graney.

and okay, i can’t let the longest gap in this project pass without comment. it feels like it has been well over a month since i last sat here in my lounge room and listened to an album from start to finish (in reality, though it has been sporadic this year, it was just over two weeks ago). i’ve been engaging in music more in pieces lately – listening to the newly launched double j radio station for the middle aged australians who loved triple j in the 1990s. i’ve also been reading and writing other stuff that’s more about the fundamentals of life. hey, music is fundamental! but you know what i mean. attention has been diverted.

honestly, i’m not even going to try finding a video off this album (mostly because i know such a thing is unlikely to exist). instead, i take it back to when dave was previously in my consciousness, in the mid 1990s.

here’s to genuinely ironic seedy-looking moustaches and great musicians doing their thing for well over thirty years… not to mention the song below, rock’n’roll is where i hide, which is one of the best self-reflexive epic rock songs ever made.


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