iron & wine – the shepherd’s dog bonus disc

organ. steel guitar. banjo. that’s sums it up pretty much.

this is a really good example of why i wanted to start this (very long) project in the first place. the two songs on this disc were connected to the shepherd’s dog album. and i can safely say i may have listened to that once when i first bought it, then never picked it up again. my hope remains that there are still some excellent songs buried in places i didn’t know.

in this case, it’s a strange one. why were they separated? until i come to listen to the album, i’m not sure if they’re in the same vein. as good? better?

their own merits are fair enough. it seemed a natural progression from his first two albums, which were more pastoral. i recognise it would have been difficult for him to keep making music in exactly the same way. core elements are still there.

i’ll reserve my judgement until i listen to the full album.


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