the vandas – slow burn

the vandas were a modern day version of the band. i can’t really think of much else to say about this. except, again, to lament that i had to use the past tense for are.

i actually enjoy the mistakes that are scattered through here, all of which i think are purposeful. off-key singing on warm at night, strange out-of-place horns (maybe?) on know it all. on the previous ep that i covered here, didn’t come here to be alone, which came out three years before this album, i noted that everything was perfectly located, in the right place. it feels somewhat deliberate that on this, their first and last full-length album, they weren’t.

the songs aren’t over-produced or, for that fact, over-written in the first place. it really is just straight-down-the-line melodic guitar-heavy rock. there’s simple pleasure in music such as this, done well. i’ll repeat that it disappoints me that they’re no longer active, cos this stuff never gets old. maybe it gets a bit repetitive, and maybe that’s why.

regardless, it will always be a kick to return to it, as long as the plastic and the microchips hold out through the years. the fact that it exists at all is enough for me.


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