various artists – the princess and the warrior soundtrack

falling in love is only for the brave

there’s something i don’t understand. this film is a clear dichotomous story of a woman and a man, apparently unconnected, happening upon each other – in fact, its central premise is an act of penetration that was coincidental and theoretically asexual. but the first part of this release is a series of songs, some that appear (in other forms) in the film and others that don’t, that are exclusively articulated by female artists. and, at the time, rather well known ones – such as skin (from skunk anansie), beth hirsch and alison goldfrapp. why are they only sung by women? it implies the story was told from her point of view. but it wasn’t entirely, and included some very male music from arab strap (which doesn’t appear on this release). is this how a man views a woman viewing the world?

i don’t think it’s really as clear-cut as that, but i don’t wish to focus on these derivatives. there are multitude layers in the film, and this carries into the score. it manages to exist on its own merits far more convincingly than the run lola run soundtrack covered earlier. i mean, it has common current running throughout, to keep the themes. but in part because the film itself was more nuanced, the score reflects this well.

if i think of music like do make say think or the dirty three, both of which create sprawling instrumental landscapes, they still don’t manage to impart such coherent internal story arcs (even when there is an implied intent to do so). maybe someone needs to make a film to fit those bands’ albums (ocean songs, anyone)? whatever the case, without transitions between tracks, this traverses the dark and the light of complex characters and interactions in its own storytelling. while sounding other-worldly, it has an innate humanness to it.

listening to the entire soundtrack, but especially the score, indulges the vision i have in my mind of europe. visiting there only reinforced this view – more like a sensation than clearly recalled images. if i ever wish to have lived another life, it would have been at the same time in germany. creative, open-minded, progressive.

and yet, my bravery wanes with each passing day.

i knew i’d find you out there
now our story can really start


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