molasses – you’ll never be well no more

my body’s been claimed by the wasting away and the world out here is collapsing

spoggies and seabirds of some kind. something that sounds like cockatoos but i know can’t be. a place close, but non-existent. music of bones, yet warming of core. singing i didn’t expect from a voice at once familiar and never known.

this comes as a real side project of some of the members of godspeed you! black emperor, namely thierry amar and mike moya. it still has some of the discombobulating sounds of godspeed, every once in a while, but pares most things back to trickles of sounds, rather than impenetrable walls of sound.

this is what i meant when i said handmade drew me to the music. you open a screen printed black envelope. you pull out a black card booklet bound with yarn. you turn to the back to pull out the weight of the cd in a black sleeve. it rests with a piece of screen printed plastic. it is merely five songs, yet it feels like an opus. it sounds like one. and it had the musicians’ hands on it, literally.

it is a joyous thing to re-find this here. there are tones; strums of acoustic guitar in slow movement; perfectly placed organ, strings and banjo; that make music so desperately affecting. scott chernoff’s voice is american rather than canadian, if you can imagine that. he sings of american things. they’re like traditional songs, but they’re not. that sounds like a formula, but i’ve discovered you could have all of those things and it still not be enough.

humans need music. this is why.


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