audio archaeology limited edition 45

this seems to have mysteriously appeared in the collection, and i can find limited trace of its existence elsewhere. the year printed is 2003, around when i would have acquired it, but the two songs are from 1969 and 1974 respectively.

with very little information to go on from the sleeve, and only a tiny amount more on the record itself, this release is construed of one song by great pride – she’s a lady, and one by bobby franklin’s insanity – bring it on down.

without knowing why they are together on the one release, or even who released this and with what purpose, it seems purely to be a “found sound” moment. re-releasing songs that had perhaps long since been lost or forgotten.

both are funk/rock songs. the first gives me cause to call plagiarism on a band like the flaming lips – these are sounds that were created a long time before they even thought of making music, and claim it as their own. i use the term in a pejorative sense, so i’m not saying that any one song of theirs is exactly she’s a lady. having said that, it seems there was actually a case of plagiarism involving this song and one jennifer lopez

as for the bobby franklin’s insanity song, i hear more than a margin of the black keys – and while they’ve had much success, i feel they acknowledge what they’re doing in an historical sense a lot more openly than many other bands of the 2000s that have made their way plying retrospective rock.

whatever might be said about modern bands appropriating music of this era and genre, these are two songs i just can’t stop listening to. listen below, and i defy you to remain (e)motionless.


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