the grand silent system – everyone lies alone

it’s not quite as homogenous, or like, as other australian music of the era. it has characteristics of harder rock that had largely fallen out of favour for local bands by the end of the 1990s, while this was released in 2004 (thanks to three d radio again for this acquisition).

and yet, i can’t really find much to say about it. sometimes the flute makes it sound too much like elevator music, in spite of the often very strong bass and guitar. it does seem as though they took a lot of care in creating the album, including the packaging and the noise that makes music. it’s not simplistic or monotonous, at least. there’s more to know in it.

for sense of where they sit in the landscape, the vocalist sounds a bit like a cross between grinspoon’s phil jamieson and paul dempsey from something for kate (a band i never really got). also maybe not unlike ben nash of 78 saab, though not as warm. for some reason, the guy’s voice doesn’t always match the music. as for the music, it sounds a little like the small amount i know of emo (think rock with darkish orchestral flourishes).

as a result of these factors, it feels rather like they were attempting to hedge their bets on which genre was more likely to ground itself in some kind of longevity. as it is, it has a feeling of age to it that makes it easily identifiable within a specific decade of music… which has passed. as far as i know, bands aren’t making music like this anymore.

and that’s not a loss.


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