tofa – seashanty

another kind of cheating here. there are three songs. it was yet another in the selection of cast-offs from three d radio.

it’s not bad; but it is a sort of nothingness. i know that’s not possible. it exists. there are instruments and voices; structure, construction, arrangement.

but when a band names a song another melbourne sad song, there’s a sense of awkward self-awareness that is in no way endearing. it’s almost a recognition of how thin their song-writing premise is. and, well, seashanty seems to bear no resemblance to anything remotely connected to such things. they must have been trying really hard, or not hard enough, because the first song was copyrighted in 2005 while the title track was in 2001. together on a promo cd sent to a radio station to garner airplay.

this comes to something very interesting and related that i read the other day. a current crop of “alternative” australian musicians were lamenting the apparent reality that, in order to have any success or get airplay on the main yoof radio station triple j, they felt they needed to sound a certain way. i don’t think this is a new problem. and equally, music would not have shifted over time if that was entirely true.

but in the case of this band, i think they fell for the idea that it is. to that end, it’s hardly surprising that i can find little trace of them now. oddly a film clip though… trying hard.

as a post-script, the singing accent of the vocalist also reminds me of the modern-day parody of hipsters by the bondi hipsters (cf. listen for how they say “hand” and “grand” below).


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