various artists – the obliqsound remixes

i have been in the dark since i got home from work. first with curtains closed to reflect the still-hot ambient temperature and direct sun. then, as the sun dropped below the hill, went without artificial light; all windows open. i realised as i walked around inside the house that the brightness of the moon rising in the east was sufficient, along with some mottled glow cast from streetlights.

i then knew i had to go outside to water the plants; suffering, as many are, through this heat. 40 degrees celsius today; 41 tomorrow; 39 saturday.

it does something to one’s body – that’s unquestionable – but also to the mind. i spent the time jogging on the spot as i held the hose streaming cool water over the leaves and the branches and the earth. it was to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. i still ended with a lovely mist over my own body.

and so it came to choosing tonight’s listening. still in dark, i moved in randomly on the cd stacks, and this ended in my hand.

it’s not self-explanatory by its title, though remixes is a bit of a giveaway, but this actually seems fitting for a warm, still night. it’s definitely summer music. there is quite a bit of world music underlying the relentless beats implied by the titled (faster, louder and quieter). some sound brazilian, some african. all to electronic funk that feels of an older age than it actually is. more 1993 than 2002.

this doesn’t make it feel obsolete though. across its span, different songs revisit the same samples and melodies in slightly alternative fashion – a couple as radio edits. knowing it’s on a kind of repeat, it’s actually enjoyable because they’re good songs to give one energy when no other source appears to exist. it was over before i knew it.

thus, it is a perfect convergence of music with environment and circumstance. it’s natural. chillin and no illin.


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