pinetop seven – the night’s bloom

here’s another glimpse into my middle-aged future, perhaps. adult contemporary. i’ve said that about a few bands so far, mostly those associated with wilco.

i’ve also strayed near pinetop seven before on an earlier day. somehow i have four of their albums. this seems odd to me, given that i don’t recall ever having an epiphany associated with their music. i think i just wanted to try, really hard.

on this one, the strings don’t enamour me, especially combined with other instruments like banjos in quite disconcerting arrangements. the result is like oil and water. you can shake the mixture as much as you like, but they’ll never be one. i also appreciate darren richard’s voice, without actually liking it, per se. to me, especially paired with very orchestral music such as it is here, it sounds like musical music. generally, though, his voice is not unlike mark kozelek’s. i think that’s a compliment.

this is interesting because i think their earlier work achieved something greater – and maybe that was the passage of time. the previous work was from 2000, and this was 2005. though i didn’t like to admit it at the time, those five years actually saw a lot of change in music (and the rest of the world, let’s face it).

i’m not disappointed i have this here, in spite of the fact that it’s not my cup of tea.


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