palace music – songs put together for (the broken giant)

this was a bonus disc with last night’s entry, lost blues and other songs. it is as it says; soundtrack music to a film of the bracketed name, released two years after these compositions. indeed, in the end, drag city reissued the music as a stand-alone ep, black/rich music.

it’s quieter than the main compilation it accompanied, and a striking achievement for someone so early in their musical career. i was to say suitably, but i don’t know since i have not seen the film. it’s a giveaway by some of the song titles, such as organ: watch with me and guitar: do what you will do.

what was clear at this stage was an ability to construct songs that, as far as i was aware, were unparalleled by his contemporaries, however one might have conceived of that. sometimes, when something is detached from a clear purpose it otherwise has, it can be hard to understand. i know black/rich tune well, but not the others. it sat in the back of the cd case, by and large, the whole time.

on listening carefully, there are permutations (but not strict repetition) across the short span. i can tell now, in hindsight, that will toyed with striking existing poetry to music in his head, and it had clear patterns. a great other example is get on jolly, already covered.

it’s not original, per se, but the results are most definitely.

what do you want, wild loins?


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