archers of loaf – white trash heroes

this is where i started with archers of loaf. yes, i was a late-comer, as i’ve explained before.

in my last year of uni, this formed an appropriately dystopian, heavy electronic and guitar sound track (though to be fair, their life was a total of only six years, so the train hadn’t been rolling long). it wasn’t pure rock that i’d known to that point from other bands, and to that end it gave me an appreciation of less traditional constructions in music.

for their own work, in hindsight, the vocal and instrumental range was significant on this album. not always to great effect. though, oddly, the blues-inflected slick tricks and bright lights seemed designed to portend the work of jack white (my least liked modern musician). i’ll bet anything it was the other way round, when the white stripes released an album in 2007 called icky thump (the archers of loaf first album was called icky mettle, which i will come to). the origins of the latter name are claimed to be elsewhere, but there’s more to the story i suspect.

so in the end, it was the ideal place they could finish. the best songs are those that start and finish the album, two in and two out. and honestly, i loved reaching the eponymous last song most of all, which provides an amazing sense of closure for everything. the sole fade-out electric guitar refrain is the lingering moment you turn around and don’t look back at the one you loved.


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