various artists – summer jazz

it is definitively summer here in the south. yet more customary storms rolled through complete with ample thunder, forked lightning and heavy downpours. this is what has made me want to listen to this tonight. crickets chirping, frogs singing loudly, the droplets still falling from leaves in the trees, mild stillness.

all the songs are jazz of a particular style and era – late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. it’s amazing how it can be so evocative of its time. it can’t be made now. it couldn’t be made in the early twentieth century.

there’s not a lot of other music like this in the collection, in a few ways. traditional jazz, for one. while there’s some of the abstract modern jazz from the likes of vandermark, this is just pure feel good upbeat, predictable music. no strong guitars or drums, no heavy bass. light horns, some strings. literal pep.

another unique feature is that it’s a compilation based on a genre. because i’m so against the categorisation of music, i generally never approach anything that attempts to draw together “like with like”. yet, these songs lend themselves to just such treatment.

that is not to say they are homogenous. far from it. but it feels like a world of music that needs sampling and, as a collection in itself, suits a very particular mood. right here, right now.


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