sylvie courvoisier, joëlle léandre and susie ibarra – passaggio

i feel a little stuck right now. cornered by randomness.

see, i am picking my way through without much deliberation or reason. and for the third time in as many posts (i know, not nights), i’ve happened upon some of the considerably more experimental and, in this case, discordant music in the collection.

for a cello, a piano and drums (in jazz combination), this creates unique results, for sure… but whether they’d ever warm in one’s heart? while i’m sure this music has intent of a certain kind, it’s definitely not that, in spite of fleeting moments of beauty and interest.

i am really finding myself having to think hard about the purpose of certain music again. is to simply exist enough? is the point of this one that they are all women in what has traditionally been a field dominated by men? is it a statement?

and yet the biggest question – where did i end up with it?

unanswerable, like the rest.


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