labradford – fixed::context

this is about all i can handle right now.

it’s one song, so far, that started with generated sounds resembling water, dripping, and is now in a blended, cyclical guitar and electronic blip phase.

seriously, it is me right now.

in reality, it’s four songs. the first traverses a lot of territory, and clocks in at almost twenty minutes. crap, it’s called twenty.

second song, up to pizmo, sounds instantly what i think of when i say that name out loud. a beach in california is in my memory somehow, without ever having been there. it sounds like warm sun; clarity of images yet fuzziness of interpretation. telling a story with half-remembered features, slightly embellished, occasionally straying off into nothingness – eyes distant.

david moves it somewhere else, with a background build of high tone electronic noise leading to melody of some kind, held down to the ground by each guitar chord and note. then quietened; the electronic hum replaced with vaguely harmonic guitar buzz that transitions into a false rain-like sound. it ends in a fairly abrupt warehouse echo.

finally, wien makes me wish i was in wien. though it’s not the kind of music i heard when i visited, briefly. it happens to be the most conventionally beautiful piece on the album. and maybe one of the simplest in the collection.

i think i found this when i was in canada in 2002. it is yet another true rediscovery.


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