magnolia electric co – what comes after the blues

again you’re swingin’ low and you hit me below the belt
alright, since it’s a fair fight, i’d say it’s the best that i have felt
in a long, long time

it begins louder and quietens. there’s one whole song of jennie benford on which you expect to hear his voice but never do. to be fair, the music is like a coat of jason molina wrapped around her though.

this was perhaps one of my earliest forays into the combined catalogue of his work. i started tentatively, because of what i’ve previously outlined about having formed opinions on the basis of what others had claimed, not on what it actually was.

in the end, it probably wasn’t the ideal place to commence in some ways. it’s accessible, more so than some of his other music as i came to discover – but not his best. at the same time, though, the spectacular here is as great as anything – hard to love a man, northstar blues and i can not have seen the light. can i conclude both?

it’s the first time in a while that i have listened to some of the songs that were covered so well on both the weary engine blues and lone star horizon albums this year. leave the city, for instance, feels suitably closer as it was sung by isaac hoskins than it is here in the original. hard to love a man is beautiful both ways.

whatever is said of the music, i love the question/statement it poses – what comes after the blues. i mean, is it a question? or is it the answer? there are a lot of inferences to seeing the light in here, and maybe that’s what this is. an awakening. accessibility does not equal quality; obfuscation does not make music good or worthwhile. somewhere in between lands this, on all counts.

how can i be the only one whose life can’t live up to the lie?
how can i be the only one whose heart refuses to try?


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