cass mccombs – big wheel and others (side b)

aside from the discombobulation his voice creates, there’s more of a grunge feel to this second side. the bass more simple and mimicking of the melody, slower beats. some veins of less suburban settings still run through the songs, but i reckon we’re seeing more than meets the eye.

one of the better among these is untitled spain song – it has quite astounding verses, though the chorus i could take or leave. the rest of the song built around it makes for more interesting listening.

but the best are the last two – for their quiet beauty – aeon of aquarius blues and unearthed. the guitar is beautiful. in the end, his voice matches the lyrical and sonic content so well. and they happen to articulate exactly how i’m feeling right now about a person.

the journey was worth it. as the wind literally picks up outside, the chimes in unearthed felt like they were right here.

you’re better, but somehow i can’t get through
better ain’t much better if i still don’t have you

[meanwhile, not being able to find these songs to share, here’s cass with matt sweeney]


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