dan kelly & the alpha males – pirate radio ep

it seems odd to say it now, but dan kelly was pretty damn subversive in his day.

never would anyone else have sung such beautiful insults to a relaxed acoustic ramble, replete with divine vocal harmonies echoing the words. it embodied the feelings of a large number of australians when it was made, following the 2004 federal election. i contemplated whether i should transcribe, but it’s just too hard to resist:

i went to a party with my girl in the city on election night
i was hoping that we’re gonna make a move to the left
but we gone and made a swing to the right
i’m singin’ the blues for the country, as we move into another long night
gonna catch the plane and fly, gonna sail on the next high tide
just to get away from that cock sucker, mother fucker
darkenin’ my mind

i think this is actually his most beautiful release (so far listened to for this purpose, anyway) – while sing the tabloid blues was amazing for so many reasons, there aren’t as many layers and elements as can be found here amongst an otherwise small collection of simple-sounding songs. there is undoubted influence of the alpha males, such as gareth liddiard and dan luscombe (yes, of the drones).

going back to eight years ago makes me ever sadder that, for one, he didn’t gather more success and appreciation then, and for another, that he’s in even greater obscurity now. oh dan? i can at least answer the following question with a no…

do you wake up every morning sucking thom yorke’s balls?


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