feist – the reminder

this is kinda cheating. i half listened to this as i visited and talked with friends. does it count? perhaps not, since it is not in my own collection.

i can’t speak of the detail, of which there is undoubted volume and articulation. la femme in music still isn’t a natural state for me, which seems wrong as a woman myself. but the objections are on the similar basis to high-pitched male singers of which there is a great proliferation these days. i am stirred by deeper voices, or none at all.

i fairly deliberately didn’t end up being a fan of broken social scene because they were too big for me even – i mean that in the literal and pejorative, again. their popularity rose as i was still in a space of rejecting all that seemed manufactured or blindly followed. that may be unfair to both the creators and the fans. but i couldn’t help my perception. so i wasn’t there for that oeuvre.

to that end, i didn’t follow careers affiliated with the band. i know elsewhere in my collection there are spider webs attached to them. but it also meant that feist was not amongst the musicians whom i felt any connection to in my important younger days.

so while i can recognise her talents, my heart does not soar nor sink. it beats just as it did in silence.


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