wild nothing – nocturne

it’s warm. it’s dark. a cold front is trying desperately to cut across these hills. the air is heavy with the smell of bushfire. a few strong beers; it’s heady.

i only bought this today after meaning to for some time. there are call-backs to the 1980s here, undeniably. but this is another very recent attempt at something purely defined for itself. having said that, surely i could also say that their contemporaries are real estate and a less hyperactive cut copy, and their gods are the cure (musically, not vocally – which feels less immediate from jack tatum).

nothing immediately stands out, but i get what ian cohen says when he gives this a thumbs up – i reckon this is going to implant itself in my mind. i’ll come back to it, and it will just be there like i’d known it before and forever.

and for some reason, at this particular point in time, i don’t count this as a bandwagon moment. it makes sense in the universe it creates for itself, and this one that i happen to be living in right now.


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