the reason – the new cool

this is what i get for buying a cd on purely aesthetic and cost-based grounds ($5). it was a recent acquisition, but the ep is eight years old.

so i feel like i just sat through a kind of musical nothingness. it’s not quiet – actually it’s quite loud. it just seems soulless. bereft of identity. it lasted less than fifteen minutes.

there’s definitely something missing that reminds me of the following quote from matthew herbert:

i still feel that there is too much music in the world. i’m not convinced that we need to make any more music. i read this statistic that said 75% of music on itunes has never been downloaded once. it’s depressing, but it also makes you think that we should stop making music until we listen to it all, and then we should start again. we’re in a bit of a muddle about the function of music, and why we’re making it, and what we expect from our music. i mean, surely, everything has been said about love already by now. presumably everything has been said about war already. it feels like people think they have a right to make music or express themselves in a certain way. i think you have a right to express yourself, but i don’t necessarily think that there’s automatically a right that people should be expected to listen.



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