grandaddy – under the western freeway

i can’t help but hear a more hi-fi cum electronic version of early built to spill, or almost direct take on mid-career flaming lips. i honestly think i have never listened to this. i can’t even quite recall how it came to be here. possibly a gift or suggestion from someone i tried to share in turn the brilliance that is i see a darkness. the response i got to that was, doesn’t this music make you want to kill yourself? forever thereafter characterised as “that mopey git” and transferred to me vicariously. we were friends, but perhaps never quite understood one another.

i don’t dislike it. but it makes me ponder a few things. what made me take the path that i did, in music? broader, in life, at the same time? i feel like i would be a different person if i latched onto bands like this instead of the ones i did. but in some ways, i don’t think it would have been possible to start or end here. i formed judgements early, and probably detected the major label stench around these guys – maybe as much a comment about the person who shared it with me, and the time that happened, as about the band itself. i was very strong willed. um, was?

to the untrained listener, plenty would probably find it hard to discern between this and some of the music i love that forms part of me. i know the difference, clearly. and yet, the comparison above to built to spill probably isn’t that far off in more than sonic ways – hell, they signed to warner.

maybe it’s just timing; coincidence; mood. whatever explains it, or whether it remains inexplicable, i’ll never regret the path i took, and i don’t feel like i missed anything life changing by this being the first night of listening to grandaddy. though the crickets at the very end complement the actual frogs singing in the creek a couple hundred metres away from my open windows on this warm, still night. it is unlike the rest of the album.

as an aside, i also have to admit that the cover image gives me significant heebies. it’s amazing what can turn a person off.


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