palace brothers – there is no one what will take care of you

i can’t hear it played fast no more

i took this out to show someone today, noting the release of a 20th anniversary cover album from john king and co.

i know it means a lot to many people, and everyone has a different experience of this first album. my own heart-attached element is long before, clocking in at over six minutes of, if it could be claimed, the most minor key dread anywhere. my other beautiful notes here are king me (fabulous character) and, of course, the original slow riding.

will sounds young. i can’t wait to hear how songs that were very specific of their time and space could be reinterpreted by other musicians of the modern era. this is made more odd by the fact that slint members were aplenty on this recording, and i have already said of their own music of a few years earlier that it was timeless.

and yet, this too was so unlike other music of that time, that it stands out with immense singular identity. even with the drums and other percussion that permeates, it was never again this spare.


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