exhaust – enregistreur

while collection of cardboard-packaged cds was not an indiscriminate and automatic effort for me (as some kind of proxy for the quality of the music contained within), the guarantee of something engaging in constellation cardboard led to a fair stack. and this was one of the first.

this is not an album that suits being considered in its song parts. it is a whole journey that almost cannot be broken down.

there are a lot of ways to describe it: dark, spare, foreboding, mysterious, unsettling, baffling. and yet, while it made for ideal soundtrack to the thoughts in my head right now, and the tiredness/preparedness for sleep, no part of it could be ignored.

the songs themselves shouldn’t be dismissed altogether as somewhat stand-alone entities, if nothing else for some of their names – behind the water tower, behind the paint factory, ice storm, dither, my country is winter. there is reality hidden in the manufactured sounds; of places, events, emotions. these things would not be easy to pick simply upon listening, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

i find it hardest to write about this kind of music. it serves a very different purpose to a lot of other music, which i think i have touched on before – though it seems closed in its near-stifled outward appearance, it opens a massive internal world if you let your mind go there. on this level, it makes it amongst the most powerful forms of the medium.

and, it’s classified as a form of drum and bass – ¡caramba!


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