art of fighting – second storey

this is the first time i hadn’t recalled already listening to another album from the band. as i read back over the previous entry, i know why. but for some reason, now, this music makes a lot more sense. it’s not unlike what i described of the first album, wires. but the reality i talked about then has come to be; and my own job is at stake, meaning all of this takes on a different appearance to me. so the depressive music provides a soundtrack of sorts; even though i’m not depressed.

to be fair to these guys as well, i actually think this was a better outing for them. it’s quieter and less filled with forced angst. the songs are more beautiful and the kind where your eyes train on mid-space where there’s nothing in order to absorb the sounds.

and it’s quite amazing where one finds links… it turns out the woman who played bass for art of fighting, peggy frew, ended up having at least one child with mick turner of the dirty three. it feels like a cross-over i would never have concocted myself, or imagined; a kind of reality to people who have largely only ever been fictional.

the other thing that stands out as interesting is that lead singer, ollie browne, is a full-time game developer.

this feels like a similar sociological discovery to the paths that the blokes of the fauves took. musicians are real people; sometimes it takes some reminding of that fact, because of what they can do to one’s physiology and psyche otherwise. a form of power that begets little actual authority but goes to the core of one’s live experience and even identity.

i wonder if they know they have that power?


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