tricolor – mirth + feckless

there are some discordant points on this unbelievably infectious journey. i know it’s jazz. i know it’s a set of sounds produced only by drums, guitar and bass. one of each.

down to its bones, it is largely a less slicked form of funk. jeff parker, having appeared here a number of times already, is the protagonist. it is not about him though. this is genuinely what it claims to be – one big, happy, equal three-way.

the first half of the album is more pleasing and memorable, while the second half contains more of the unusual aspects – not experimental; there’s always a discernible rhythm even in apparent chaos. though all three elements shine equally, there’s nothing quite like jeff’s beautifully resonant guitar form.

i believe i would have picked this up because big star records in adelaide, being the paragon of record stores, had a section just for releases by atavistic; alongside offerings by boxhead ensemble most likely.

this was a phase of my life and music that blended perfectly, and that i loved. this captures the warmth, growth, fun and change that characterised the time. another remarkable achievement for music construed purely as instrumental. the cues are there for those who just let this music wash over them.

unfortunately, i can find nothing of this album to share though. you might just have to buy it.


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