cass mccombs – a

it’s piano-heavy homage to the 1960s, done with such gorgeous voice. something vaguely late-era beatles.

the best songs are opener, i went to the hospital, bedding down post-xmastime, and stand-out meet me here at dawn. there are layers to this music, which happens from early in cass’ career in 2004. it outwardly appears quiet, understated, almost under-developed sometimes.

but the small nuances are the most remarkable. several of the other songs are unusual in what they set out to sound like, and achieve. but there’s almost always something fascinating going on. they come across as seemingly simple realist portraits with wry smiles; but in the background, faintly, there’s something unreal going on.

it seems to me that cass went somewhat unnoticed for the first few years, and shot out in the world around the time of catacombs (which i’ll get to).

but for the next time i fall in love, it will be to this album that i go for this:

forget the painful past, let go of all you grasp; this is the last i’ll ask to meet me here at dawn

also, sigh…


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