patrick porter – reverb saved my life

this is here primarily because of the label. three other bands who had music released by australian label camera obscura have already appeared here (bardo pond, the sand pebbles and ultraviolet makes me sick).

it has quite different influences, ranging from soundgarden to sonic youth and even the stone roses; and must be noted that the music was recorded in 1996 but not released til 2001. it sounds a lot of its time.

there are some good songs though, including the quieter more thoughtful contributions of st louis, moths on the dashboard and saturn. the guitar work, while sometimes fairly basic, has some very strong moments on those songs. there are two notable features of this album; one, he claimed to only play on borrowed instruments – it takes a bit of concentration to get to why that’s so amazing; two, the rest of the instruments were also played by him.

this might explain a few things. most bands are constructed of various creative individuals – whether or not they’re the writers or arrangers, they still bring their own identity and influences to their performance. here, i am talking about live bands, not electronically constructed music.

it does quite literally feel like a multi-voiced entity that speaks the exact same language in the same tone. it’s sorta unsettling. i’d say he was just trying to create music, and he found a way to make a full sound without having access to other musicians to help him. unless he’s a control freak.

either way, the result is a fascinating study in the creation of music; atypical, but not a lost cause.


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