g love & special sauce – long way down

i didn’t realise this was just for us antipodeans. there’s love. i hadn’t read the liner notes until now – and had a what the hell moment when seeing greetings to our friends and family in australia.

to be completely fair, i bought this album in the last few years on the basis that i had vaguely fond memories of seeing g love and special sauce videos on rage. the music was never burned on my brain, so i didn’t take it any further at the time.

it might be unfair, especially given that g love has been doing his thing way longer, but this album sounds a little bit too coastal hippy like jack johnson for my liking. it has some funk, and i do rather like his voice, but it comes across as sugary.

this comparison scares me even more now, because it came of listening to the first few songs and before i had read the liner notes any further. google reveals that, these days, g love is signed to brushfire records, owned by one jack johnson. this makes me feel a little sick, because his influence is too great (in the pejorative sense).

the best that can be offered is the last song, superhero brother, because it’s the blues i associate with him, just his voice and guitar. but the content is bizarre.

the thing that’s most odd, is that i know i have or heard another of his albums, fixin’ to die somewhere, but can’t find it. my catalogue only shows this one, and the cover image is unfamiliar. how the hell does that happen? i remember it being better than this…


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