minotaur shock – maritime

i didn’t quite realise i had something as unusual as this here.

first song, muesli, is marked by staccato clarinet and possible marimba. second song, (she’s in) dry dock now, is very far from the first. it has a bizarre 1980s electronica feel with a near-hip hop breakbeat.

i also suspect that vampire weekend might have completely ripped off minotaur shock, with exceedingly familiar flute tones, beats and melody. and i can guarantee this guy did it first (vigo bay is the song). this is genuinely more beautiful. but you know how i feel about the former band.

it wends its way to a sound of wham, amongst many other influences that don’t, in reality, feel copied. it unquestionably has its own identity and serves as great thematic music for a range of emotions and settings.

this really is the main reason i needed to undertake the project. an album like this, that i picked up from three d radio and had not listened to, sits like its own collection of diverse little gems; acoustic beauty, electronic energy, woodwind glory. it sounds ridiculous, i know, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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