los campesinos! – hold on now, youngster…

and this sentimental movie marathon has taught us one thing, it’s that the opposite of true love is as follows: reality

this album has an opposite effect to the dappled cities one last night. the music as constructed conveys a literally unbelievable positivity. the lyrics are expressing a totally different emotion that leaves little doubt. the whole combination is nerdily obnoxious in an endearing way.

i’m fairly certain that i happened upon los campesinos! by pure accident. i was searching the internet for some kind of godzilla picture; not sure why; and found the cover image from the video for you! me! dancing! off this album. for ages it adorned the wall where i worked. i subsequently downloaded the next two albums, so they don’t appear in the physical collection (though for at least a year i thought i had one of them in the car, and when kids broke in they had stolen it).

there are several great songs on this album, mainly for the same reason – that combo of pace, flourish, melody and distinctive rhythm (there’s not a lot of internal diversity). hands down, the best is you! me! dancing! as included above and below – unparalleled energy and perhaps one of the catchiest songs in the whole collection.

but of equal note are sweet dreams, sweet cheeks, we are all accelerated readers and my year in lists. they do affectation better than almost anyone, though usually one must be in a particular mood to go there. think of a more hyperactive version of dinosaur jr.

i am also, through the title, reminded of calling an older lover young man, and he always took exception to that. i meant no disrespect to him; not to patronise; but i guess he was self-conscious (though i’m now about the age he was when we were together, and it doesn’t bother me one bit). this would have been an ideal musical gift for him; i’m sure he would have liked it and understood why i would have given it to him.

i cherish with fondness the day (before) i met you


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