iron & wine – passing afternoon

along with the creek drank the cradle, the album from which this song is sourced, our endless numbered days, is spectacularly beautiful. i will get to that.

passing afternoon is perhaps one of the most pastoral songs in the collection. it follows a repeated round of chords, going up and then down in cycles with the exception of the end, which peaks with the same four piano notes played similarly up and down. it’s effective and positions the name of the album in the lyrics, to make complete sense.

second song, communion cups and someone’s coat is equally beautiful, with a more crisp sound to the acoustic guitar. of course, the content felt a little too close to the sacred rather than the secular, which always made me feel slightly uncomfortable. but it’s short and sweet, literally.

the release ends with a more energetic and bluesy, though no less un-amplified song, dearest forsaken. the lyrics are somewhat obscured, but there is again a religious aspect that’s hard to avoid. i think his love is dead – whether that was because he forsook her or after the fact.

one way or another, these three short songs do not leave one unsatisfied. but the stories are behind a fog of sorts, and it’s hard to work them out. i don’t mind a bit of mystery when it’s this well made…


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