nada surf – let go

i miss you more than i knew

this came here recently. i saw it for sale in a department store i only ever walk through to get somewhere else. it was an echo of a generation earlier; and a sign of something i sensed i should have liked. so here it is.

i wasn’t any more of a fan of nada surf than anyone else, really. i didn’t know about them, and only of them through the ironically titled song popular that i railed against at the time for its eponymous ubiquity.

but what’s here is far better than i think perhaps anyone would imagine, and even than has been credited for this release. aspects that have stood out in recent times in these pages are here at least as strongly. there are catches in most songs, and variety that makes the listen not all the same.

it’s not really special or stand-out, though, and clearly those elements don’t make excellent music in and of themselves. an identifiable story generally isn’t there. i don’t feel as though i’ve lost part of my musical history, or have a piece of missing identity, for not having gone on this journey sooner, or picked up more along the way.

but i can say this – i love matthew caws’ voice. there’s almost always a benefit.


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