real estate – days

here we have another genuine bandwagon moment. i read the review, i bought the album.

i feel myself placed in a daydream. not one i wouldn’t willingly have otherwise. warm breeze; bright afternoon sun; car window down; driving an endless open road. for me, it’s not near water, which seems a little counterintuitive; but that’s where it takes me.

there’s also an odd affinity to other music in the collection; australian music. the content is quite a lot lighter, but the likeness to 78 saab’s crossed lines of recent times is more prominent in my mind (especially the guitar style, the rhythm and the not-annoyingly higher toned vocals). it’s the kind of music that a significant number of australian bands churned out between about 2001 and 2005 in particular. the aesthetics surprisingly match our places, and not by appropriation either way. by coincidence, perhaps? there’s also maybe a little bit of the go betweens in it.

i won’t ever regret this purchase, because it does bring me bursts of undeniable joy through an otherwise bright journey across the album. and joy for long journeys.


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