tonight i feel an inexplicable ethereal affinity with jason molina. it didn’t take me to another part of his catalogue, but instead back to the texan tribute, lone star horizons, sitting in the tape player next to me. i could have listened to something else after it. but i did not wish to erase the feeling it left, having twice listened.

it’s a mild night. there is presence in the fuzz of the tape. there is a looming tension in the storm-promising air. the humidity is still too low, and the slight wind is blowing from the east.

it’s unusual, as i just listened. i normally move about, sometimes do other things or just write as i listen. but for the true purpose of music, i let this compilation simply wash over me. and in that, i hear so many more fine points. little sounds, voices, electronica. an appreciation i perhaps didn’t fully absorb when i first listened to it last week.

i am not losing focus, but i feel like i’m at a point of taking stock. there will be a genuine point, maybe in about 25 days, when i might literally do that. but this is an emotional checklist right now.

and jason’s music so beautifully and diversely performed covers that spectrum. gives comfort; cleanses; drives to distraction; articulates; invokes.

the humidity is starting to climb. the pressure drops slowly. i am mollified.


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