various artists – depthcharge 4

i initially thought i might have mistakenly returned a louisville is for lovers disc into the cover for depthcharge 4 – a compilation of south australian music from three d radio.

the first song by ianto ware called a blue sky is a kind of musical perfection – simple, flowing, catchy and telling of a story that is universal. not unlike quite a few of the louisville bands that contributed to the aforementioned.

the joy of an album like this is that it genuinely blends genres into a fantastic showcase that doesn’t feel even remotely pieced together, though who would know what people not from south australia would make of it. maybe i have a different view of it because i’m from there. i mean, there are several specific parochial references, but with distance myself i don’t think they define the enjoyability or quality.

there’s folk, rock, hip hop, electronic sample-based music (beat smugglers, for instance), and even a bit of orchestral, punk and metal (imminent psychosis). it includes a few bands that made it bigger not long after this point, such as wolf & cub and the audreys.

the other delightful aspect was that it came with subscription only – definite value for money. an uncommon sense of decency.

oh how you rock south australia!


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