robokoneko – anembo

this is the most joyous and beautiful electronic music in the collection. it could easily be construed as cutesy based on the name and imagery. it is of course related to japanese aesthetics on a number of levels, not just obvious language-based markers. yet, this is by an australian artist.

it’s perhaps too simplistic to say it sounds like what i imagine little nooks of japanese cities to exude – technology reminiscent of tin plated robots and 1970s/1980s arcade computer games. all of the highest artistic value. not base; populist; common; mass-produced. in that there seems to be a kind of delightful contradiction.

it definitely feels industrial rather than organic. and yet, while that seems to run counter to almost all of my beliefs, it’s a fascinating internal landscape that manifests as one listens. while not on an emotional level that other instrumental music achieves, the images and stories it tells are clear and compelling. you can hear the reverence with which she holds the sources of the sounds – computers and keyboards – but in a way that brings out their beauty rather than just utility, and not in a blindly devotional way.

i feel that it’s important to place these qualifiers on music such as this. not everyone can pinpoint good songwriting with only electronic implements to hand. in fact, in some ways i think it’s harder to achieve than other mechanisms, such as lyrics, voices, guitars, drums.

anembo has always made complete sense to me, especially as an album – it’s not random sound. i will listen to it until i am old.


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