jeff parker – the relatives

another contribution from my darlin’ sister…

second day in a row (and the last) from me. More nostalgia. I really like listening to tortoise, so when nug suggest i listen to jeff parker i was expecting it to be good. I was not let down, but i did not realise this album would mark my transition to jazz. I was leaving the world of pop, post-pop and electronica behind. Maybe i am just getting old- hooray for ABC Jazz is all i can say.

I listened to the relatives most when i moved to cambodia. I have such fond feelings of being in my flat in phnom penh watching ladies carrying their portable noodle shop in two baskets over their shoulders and young men selling freshcut mangoes from their small hand pushed carts pass by and having this album on in the background. It was like a sound track for my life there- in the times i found life challenging, i would listen to the relatives, think of my relatives, and feel uplifted by the tunes. They aren’t perky and saccharine sweet, they are solid and each track has its own little story. There was so much noise and unstructured sound on the streets of phnom penh (and indeed any city), it was nice to listen to the flowing, semi-structured sounds on this album. It gave order to disorder and allowed the space to hear something different.

My favourites on this album are mannerisms and beanstalk. Mannerisms is just so catchy- the bass is so prominent. Beanstalk gently tells a story, like walking through a forest with light shining through the canopy. The flute is such a beautiful addition. This really is a beautiful album with such a thoughtful construction of sounds to be listened to many times over.


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