inxs – the swing

tonight’s entry comes from my sister who is visiting, joyously – and you’ll see that we’re being just a little bit nostalgic…

This album was first released in 1984 when Cydde was 6 and i was 8. This album is the first where i have real memories of a whole album. Mum would put this record on and turn it up really, REALLY, loud. Especially I Send a Message and Burn for You. We’d all jump around the house like mad eedjots. Its a completely different time in life. I recall Dad, Cydde and I dropping Mum off for an INXS concert at Memorial Drive in Adelaide- it was really a hot evening and i was excited at how happy Mum was. With our father recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s i think about how important these memories are as we become the custodians of the memories for that time.

The song that this album is probably most famous for was Original Sin and it was around this time that INXS were starting to make their name internationally. I don’t think its the best song on the album. The lyrics that i remember clearly that i actually thought about, rather than just sang, were from Dancing on the Jetty– ‘Watch the world argue, argue with itself. Who’s gonna teach me peace and happiness’. It kinda went without saying that listening to music that makes you happy is one way to find peace and happiness. A very subtle lesson taught to us by both of our parents.

Just hearing the start to Burn for you and you know there is going to be a ripper of a song coming. Its a very funky love song. It has some nice guitar chords and awesome 80’s electronica (which i am a sucker for).


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