preston school of industry – monsoon album sampler

yes, i have technically missed two nights now. i noted it on friday evening, and didn’t even have time last night. i’m also copping out a bit tonight with the selection. is it enough to explain that my brain melted on friday, and it was actually a small delight to not be near the computer for a couple of days?

and this is an interesting point to ‘re-enter’ the process. i’ve quite deliberately avoided spiral stairs’ solo efforts, because i was never a fan of his singing in particular on pavement songs. rock seemed to come to him less naturally.

but this is not the worst thing in the collection. there’s probably a more positive way of saying that. but it connects to some of the more grey music, through wilco contributions to the album. this is much better still, in my mind.

i can hear how this is less like pavement than steve malkmus’ own solo work. scott kannberg’s voice sounds remarkably like david berman’s on occasion here- and those two weren’t the related ones. he makes more use of acoustic guitar, and folk elements, than was ever allowed in pavement. and it benefits from such treatment. though it’s not an especially insightful journey.

of odd relevance, i found painted soldiers the other night after listening to pony up and referencing veruca salt (they’re in the video below)… i didn’t even know this song existed, and i was a fairly devoted fan. as proficient as these four songs were (and i can’t speak for the rest of monsoon), there still seemed to be something missing. believe it or not, i am not alluding to malkmus.


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