eagles of death metal – peace love death metal

i wanted something a little more rawk than i’ve listened to lately. so here it is.

i think more than a fraction is owed to blues explosion and pussy galore than is ever recognised about this band. except jesse has a much higher, less sexy voice than jon. it’s unfair to expect anyone might parallel or outshine jon. sigh.

i’m a bit torn about it. the rock is irresistible in some ways, but i struggle to realise that i’ve indirectly and insignificantly contributed financially to a wife beater. okay, so there may be skeletons elsewhere among my favourites that just haven’t shown themselves… but there is just literally no excuse, no forgiveness.

it’s also the first time i’ve thought consciously that an album could have benefited from tighter editing – it is too long without following a decent storyline to justify it, or providing enough internal diversity. that is, unless you just love it so much you could listen to the same permutation of song after song after song and never tire. i’m sure people might say that about the dirty three, for instance.

they’re definitely the biggest jokes in the collection. but that ain’t a bad thing, per se.

this one’s for you john


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