sublux – nothing that is still

this has all the qualities of really well written angst-based guitar rock music. compared to other largely instrumental music in the collection, it’s more conventional. but exceptional for the use of almost not-there vocals. these remind me more of sigur rós.

though in some moments, like on smallest step, it sounds like slint if they kept making records with slightly more fidelity and only marginally warmer vocals. there’s a kind of completeness of sound; filling all the spaces; but at the same time absence of something.

i love bands that can make one think. and while the music itself achieves some of this here, i’m referring to the title of the album. while most bands can come up with names of albums and songs that hold many alternative meanings, depending on the reader/listener, this one turns my mind inside out.

is it referencing that there’s nothing stationary; that it’s in constant motion? does it lament that? or is it referencing something that no longer exists? and lamenting that? i think i can conclude at least one thing – the lamentation. nothing that is still is not a use of phrasing to indicate a kind of joyous release, such as may otherwise be implied; because the music itself is holding onto something in that nothing.

if only i could find something to play for you, but it seems to not exist in the electronic universe. another in an increasing line of lost souls. who are probably now all plumbers, teachers and professors…


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