stars of the lid – the tired sounds of

i feel like i should be somewhere else listening to this; far from my living room with my cats. i think they’re appreciating it, as am i, don’t get me wrong. even the whimpering dog.

but it has a feel that i know would be immensely heightened in another setting. distant; isolated; possibly while moving. it’s difficult to grasp the use of music such as this. there are places it would be affecting. there are emotions that would be felt if the immediacy was there.

and yes, i listened to the whole two hours across both discs. double album? not in concept; something completely different. it’s not the kind of creation that you pick individual “songs” from either. for one thing, the discerning features of each movement are in minimal relief.

it felt like half-watching a slow-moving film with very little dialogue through my ears.


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