iron & wine – live session

this remains (and always will) the only piece of music i purchased through itunes. believe it. i have very good reasons for avoiding it.

i also had a great reason for downloading the software, downloading this ep, and then deleting the software. at the time it came out in 2006, it was purported to be only available through that medium. i felt conflicted, forced; and yet yielded. i think it’s called compromised.

it was worth it, of course, because they are beautiful renditions of songs from the era of iron & wine that i loved. this felt like the closest i would ever get to hearing him perform live, in an odd way.

it starts with, and i knew it as, love vigilantes, which is a very different and gorgeous cover of a new order song (below – which isn’t the same version as on this ep).

there are two tangents to take from this little release, though, that make it a greater catalyst. i want to talk more (not now) about digital music, and consumption. i also want to think and write more about cover songs; their concept, relative success, purpose.

but it’s a friday evening; i’m tired; and listening to sam and his sister sing the trapeze swinger twice is inducing sleep and likely dreams of some colour.


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