jonathan boulet – we keep the beat found the sound see the need start the heart

there’s a quite remarkable energy to this album, unlike anything i’ve yet encountered. it has a particular style that is like the wall of sound and collective “yell” singing of a few bands i can think of (los campesinos!, arcade fire, anyone?). that’s less to my liking than the music.

but like, perhaps, kirin j callinan, there’s something a little bit inexplicably addictive about it. i should be able to recall how i came across it, because i know it was only last year or maybe even earlier this year. it could have been via a young friend who has put me onto a few things since i’ve known him. i suspect he went no further with it, but the song for which i saw an extract, trounce, was enough for me to think to buy it when i saw it while rummaging through the alternative cds. it’s a great condensation of rock; proof that great things can arrive in small packages.

it wouldn’t surprise me if lazy sorts might compare him to an australian version of vampire weekend and maybe even the arctic monkeys, for instance. the catchiness of the energy and marimba (?) on the second song, this song is called ragged, might delude. but jonathan’s voice is much better; and the kitsch value is much lower = genuine. one might debate that based on the title of the album… i’m open to a conversation.

in reality, the strong moments are the equal of pretty much any modern young rock band, i say. and who could resist a song called keep away you feral son of a bitch?


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