archer prewitt – gerroa songs

i reckon people might get the wrong end of the stick at the start of this ep from archer prewitt. it seems creepy, almost foreboding, but the place in which it was made is beautiful.

i’ve said before that my sister was the big sea & cake fan in the family. so i’m not quite sure why i ended up with the off-shoot. one of the things that appealed to me was the picture of archer on the front with a mob of kangaroos. yes, that’s the correct name for a group of them.

i love that there’s more to a little album like this than just contractual arrangements with a record label, or a drive to release music, like a shark endlessly swimming. i don’t know what had brought him and other performers to australia in 1999, or indeed what drove them a fair distance south of sydney to find such a place.

once it arrives at the second song, the bay, the gorgeous influence of the place becomes more apparent. the beautiful reverberation of the slightly amplified guitar; the hiss of recording equipment; possibly a few very quietly spoken words in the background.

when he eventually gets to singing on meant to be, it’s what made me realise that i liked his voice more than sam prekop’s. and you also realise that this is an album of love songs, for sharing.

one of my favourite songs lies here as well, along the coast. it’s not unlike the bay, but for a piece of music to so embody an image, feelings, smells, thoughts… there are only a few that manage that for me.

a couple of years ago i finally made the trip to gerroa. we are inland some distance, but it was still only a couple hours away – it surprised me to discover that. when you live in a country the size of australia, distance becomes relative.

of course, as i drove along the coast and walked on the beaches, i listened to this on repeat a few times. it’s really the first that i’ve connected a piece of music to the place it was created.

and it’s a beautiful place.

cbr june 09 045


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