various artists – louisville is for lovers 2007

when love is not enough

it starts with a little (for them) orchestral bit from phantom family halo, frequent contributors to the ten-year louisville is for lovers body of work. this is fascinating for the quietness, relative to a lot of their other music.

i realise now that this would be the lifl release that i listened to the least, perhaps only once or twice in reality. and in many ways that’s a shame.

i think the most beautiful amongst the songs is saredren wells’ simply written, performed and titled, love song. it happens to be be the first thing you find in the great interwebs when you search for him. it wants to be found and epitomises the theme of the release.

once listened to, in retrospect it has a lot of clean sounds, precise, quiet, electronic, acoustic. there’s nothing grand about knowing that love is not (always) enough. i’d question whether it is, ever. but that’s just me.

it suddenly makes me wonder if john king ever thought about how the sounds changed over time as he listened to hundreds of songs from his compatriots and friends. that makes for a long story john! but as always, thanks so much for introducing them…


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