sophie koh – anywhere

this little promo cd harks of an era long gone in australian music for a couple of reasons. the first is that sophie koh reminisces of angie hart who was well known as the front woman of a popular 1990s band called frente. the second is that paul hester played drums on the first track here, which was an album feature, and he’s best known obviously for his work with crowded house. he has also since tragically passed away.

these sounds permeate the three songs. in making me think of those bands, those times, that music, it has achieved something; even if it never prompted me to want to know more of sophie’s own music. to be fair, this came from the period of her debut album. she was just starting. it was 2005.

it’s beautiful in its own quiet way, one way or another. and i think she’s still making it.


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