cat power – willie deadwilder

please don’t bring me down
please don’t let me go

there is something not unlike gillian welch in this cat power song – or the other way round? it’s eighteen minutes of the same basic acoustic refrain with very little variation. you hear small things, like at the very beginning when chan marshall sighs, for want of a better word. it’s perhaps the most folk storyline she’s written. come to think of it, there’s quite a similarity as well with the structures and themes witnessed the other night with darren hanlon.

this is the tip of an iceberg. the song came from the you are free sessions, and attached to a two-hour film of chan wandering around performing, called speaking for trees. i have chosen not to watch/listen to that tonight, instead just working on this song. as it reaches the end, there’s the self-awareness as she sings, this is a four hour song, and it will go on and on.

it was my first exposure from a promotional version from three d (yes, again). as soon as i first listened to it, the warmth filled my entire body. it was the first time i’d made a connection to m ward, who plays guitar. i think i might also have found one of the sources of the alternative versions of the songs heard on the greatest much earlier (love and communication) – it’s of this style that i know she has left behind, but always hits me as the most beautiful.

it won’t surprise me if she makes it back there one day.

there’s nothing more romantic than a distant place behind your smile
it tells my eyes that i am coming home


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